Neatishead Is Looking Good

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Neatishead Is Looking Good

Post by Dances With Otters » March 12th, 2018, 4:33 pm

Certainly a lot of work has been going on in this area. The trees have been cut back on one side and some dredging evidently. There are still a couple of close calls with a mast on the trees but these are on the private land side. One big tree is actually leaning a bit but what a difference.
Certainly picked the right time as going down there in a sailing boat in summer is just tempting fate with the mast
up plus last year I got blocked in for a day by the God squad.

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Re: Neatishead Is Looking Good

Post by peterboat » March 12th, 2018, 7:09 pm

Its more than they are doing on CRT waters

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