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New Years resolutions

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New Years resolutions

Post by Waylander » December 26th, 2017, 1:51 pm

What are your New Years resolutions gonna be?
1) Stop worrying about what I think people are thinking when they drive past me glaring!
2) Do the bloody engine mounts!
3) Insulate below the bunk.
4) Stop doing things that I know will aggravate my spinal injury!
5) Go on holiday- Alderny and see about moving there, permanently- if grass is actually greener there!
6) Replace rear wooden well roof- thank you Miles for supplying the ply for the new roof beams.
7) Replace inflatable with a proper GRP dingy so I can stop worrying about ice in winter, twigs and brambles while " beach combing" along the banks!
8) See if my mast and tabernacle for main boat is still around and refit and get her sailing again!
9) Do a wash as I need it and not save it up till I run out of clothes!
10) Be more charitable, both in thoughts and actions, towards others who may be a lot worse off than me and not tar them with the bad brush when I too do not know their full story!

Stop smoking? Nah! Never been a quitter in my life and I want resolutions that are easier to do than that!!!! :roll:

Let the world flood! I live on a boat! :lol:

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Re: New Years resolutions

Post by Dances With Otters » December 26th, 2017, 6:48 pm

I met Oliver Reed a couple of times and he often said it was easy giving up smoking, so much so that he had done it hundreds of times.
I think you will like Alderney, especially as you like the quiet life. Particularly the boating.
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