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Some Tips To Keep Your Boat Safe This Season

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Some Tips To Keep Your Boat Safe This Season

Post by Miles » March 27th, 2019, 9:52 am

Firstly, keep your camera phone on your person all the time.
Secondly, if you can help, do so. Mooring up is one thing but add a little wind and it all goes tits up very quickly.
Watch out for other's boats. You may not know them, like them or even give two monkeys for them but if your boat got hit and they photographed the incident, you would be grateful.
If they don't stop, forget phoning the hire boat company, contact the Broads Authority. The hire boat company does not give a toss about your boat and don't fool yourself they do.
Any company that releases hundreds of hire boats onto the rivers without proper tuition cares for only profit before safety. A little harsh perhaps but based on fact and experience.
Treat any incident as if you it was a road traffic accident.
And don't forget to wave. :D

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