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    Boat Crash Video Clips Wanted

Boat Crash Video Clips Wanted

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Boat Crash Video Clips Wanted

Post by Miles » February 5th, 2019, 6:02 am

Do you have video clips of boat bangs on the Norfolk Broads?
We have, some ranging from innocent taps to mega unacceptable damage.
We are compiling a video on Youtube over the next few months highlighting boat safety on the Norfolk Broads.
So do you have any video clips you wish to share anonymously in the forthcoming video?
These videos do not matter what boat is involved, we don't care if it is the Starship Enterprise.
The whole point to this video is to highlight a problem on the Norfolk Broads which so many people wish to keep telling themselves does not exist.
We are not in denial on this subject.
Unless people do actually come out of apathy or fear of persecution then this problem will not go away.
So have your camera ready and if you see any boat on the Norfolk Broads being navigated inappropriately, then send it to us and it will get included in the forthcoming video.
Remember, this is all about making the boating experience safer for everyone so what boat it is does not have any relevance, its all about raising awareness of the unacceptable levels of boat damage on the waterways.

When you have a video clip you can email it to us:

If it is too large to email then use this website:

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